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Makes Place & Presence Possible.

PLUS Encrypted Video Conferencing | Live, Real-Office Floor Plan |  HD Screen Sharing | Full-Featured Chat and File Sharing

Feel together in the same place with your team at Walkabout Workplace where people go to work every day. Your custom digital space is built with your culture and branding in mind and is outfitted with reliable and easy to use video conferencing, chat and screen share. Ask us for a demo today!


the largest work-from-home experiment

The IDC estimated that over 72 million workers in the U.S. would work remotely even before the Covid lock down. Within a few months of coronavirus spreading, Bloomberg called the corporate response the “largest work-from-home experiment”. Even the skeptics see that the mandatory push has companies eyeing remote work as a permanent option.


But the remote worker continues to feel isolated, lonely, and challenged to keep up with the communication and collaboration tools of mobility. They simply miss walking down the hall to ask quick question, meeting face-to-face with their colleagues and just being with other people. 



the magic formula for successful distributed teams

We believe that the formula Place + Presence + Connection = Engagement gives you the solution that's needed to bring people back together for those important social and spontaneous interactions missing in today's online world. With Walkabout Workplace you can remove the barriers of physical and virtual distance and simply be together.

  • Branded building and office resources reinforces your culture and direction

  • Feel at home in your space with custom offices you design 

  • Treat guests and recruits like VIPs with a virtual receptionist to greet and take messages

  • Application console to store your most important applications and content

  • Watch people move around your office with the interactive floor plan

  • Personal avatars with real-time status updates visible at all times

  • One-click lets you move to other people and rooms spontaneously

  • Let people know when you're busy with a high-visibility locked door

  • Stay present with real-time browser and email notifications (SMS available in some locations)

  • Corporate branding connects your people to your company helping them to feel a part of something bigger

  • High-quality HD video, audio, and screen share in every room for up to 10 people on video

  • Group rooms for up to 50 people on video

  • Chat with direct and group messages, private and open channels, video messaging and more features to make communicating fast and easy

Place + Presence + Connection = 

A real-time interactive floor plan, where user status is always on, makes it feel like people are really together. Encourages spontaneous interactions among distributed team members.



Use Cases...

Walkabout can be easily configured for a variety of remote teams, business models and work flows

Walkabout Workplace

Walkabout Workplace, the leading SaaS virtual real estate (digital office) platform, connects people to a place; and drives brand affinity and loyalty. Walkabout is a multi-dimensional, online work platform that unifies various communication tools by providing users with the ability to integrate their existing technology tools and cloud applications in the Company’s virtual, custom-designed “office spaces”.


Walkabout Workplace creates a “place” where teams can work remotely every day to connect with their colleagues and friends, and even has a heads-up display map where users can see, in real time, who is “in the office” and what their status is (i.e., available, busy, at lunch, etc.). Users are also able to spontaneously connect through voice, chat, screen sharing and video, and can even teleport from office to office to meet with their colleagues. 


People that are connected to their distributed team and the company they work for end up being happier, more engaged, and most importantly, highly productive. Walkabout enables business agility through engaged teams; and the result is lower attrition and higher profitability.  Walkabout turns every home into an office.

Walkabout Classroom

We've extended Walkabout's virtual real estate into the classroom - for grades 4-12, job training, community colleges, and universities. We're taking the virtual classroom to the next level with our real-time interactive floor plan that provides important context to students and teachers. People feel together in the same place with a place for homeroom, subject classroom, group work, lunch, fitness, guidance, financial aid, a faculty lounge, and even a nurse's office.


Walkabout gives you back the important social and spontaneous interactions that cannot be created in video conferencing tools. Our classroom solution even has a supplemental learning management tool focused on the retention of critical material. Walkabout turns every home into a school.

See how our clients use Walkabout!

Campus-Based Coding School

Avoids disruption from Covid -19 by moving students and faculty of 10 - campuses to a virtual learning environment in under 1 week.

Regional Law Firm

Increases innovation through cross-pollinating knowledge by organizing lawyers and support staff on the virtual floor plan by practice versus geography.

Co-Working Network

Co-created their own virtual social network bringing together indigenous and LGBTQ people from isolated locations into an online co-working space.

Landscape Architect

Expands to new markets and reduces project timelines by sharing landscape designs online to prospects and clients who visit the virtual office.

Consulting Firms

Increased client retention and project growth by spending more quality time, albeit virtual, with their customers.

100% Distributed Teams

Sources unique, high-quality talent from around the world quickly and affordably while developing a highly engaged team in their digital work space.

Agile Development Teams

Adaptable use floor plans and integrated chat channels give scrum masters maximum flexibility to change team composition and information flow as projects demand.

BPO Call Center

Potential to lower attrition of their work-from-home agents by giving them virtual workspaces where they can engage with other agents and call center staff via video and chat.



plans built for teams of all sizes 

1 User

$15 per user, 

per month paid annually

($20/user/mo - paid monthly)

2- 49 Users

$13 per user, 

per month paid annually

($18/user/mo - paid monthly)

50 - 99 Users

$12 per user, 

per month paid annually

($14/user/mo - paid monthly)

100+ Users

$10 per user, 

per month paid annually

($12/user/mo - paid monthly)

Browser-based digital workplace application.

  • Core functions included for everyone. No hidden fees!

  • Works with Google Chrome (81.x and above), Firefox (76.x and above), and Microsoft edge (81.x and above).

  • Guest access at no additional cost.


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Walkabout Workplace is more than a video conferencing or team collaboration tool, we build you a real virtual PLACE and remove the barriers of physical and virtual distance. Get in touch for a demo today!


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